RCMP – Reliability Centered Maintenance and Production

Is a methodology for studying equipment, facilities and process, focused on improving their reliability levels, regarding performance, safety and many other factors. This method is also applied to the study of the work methods, whether they are technical, operational or administrative issues.

PMCC - Confiabilidade

Installing a reliability system such as RCMP means having a working core tool that will pull all the other maintenance tools back together towards the highest level. A multidisciplinary team, operating on each aspect of the production, leads each RCMP project. Thus having a solid and relatively short deployment, and with truthful results right the way.

Engefaz recommends prioritizing systems by possibility of gain; and, in each system, operating up to 10 types of failure, running corrective actions and using improvements as example for similar equipment.

Crucial Aspects of RCMP:

  • Multidisciplinary team, bringing people from different areas together towards the solution;
  • Real practical work, resulting in fast learning curve for all involved;
  • Allows for similar equipment to use the same solution of successful cases;
  • Creates a systematic method that can be spread out to other units of the organization;
  • Efficient improvement turn-key.