PCM - Maintenance Planning and Control

Standardization and development of Maintenance Planning and Control – MPC, focused in area efficiency, through systematic world-class methods and professional development. MPC can be deployed by a special team from Engefaz or through technology transfer.

Planejamento de manutenção

Gain strategies are focused in:

  • reducing time loss due to unavailability of equipment;
  • reducing time loss for equipment's low performance;
  • reducing losses for inefficient in workmanship;
  • reducing risks that may affect people’s safety – equipment and facilities;
  • reducing maintenance and operational costs by equipment influence;
  • reducing downtime.


Items contemplated with the Route and Downtime Planning:

  • Revision and physical knowledge of equipment’s technical data;
  • Field identification of equipment – TAG;
  • Documentation for existent and missing data;
  • Revision or creation of equipment priority classification;
  • Revision of area’s tree structure, equipment, conjunctions, sub conjunctions and components;
  • Setup of functions by group of equipment;
  • Creation of Failure Modes by equipment;
  • Maintenance planning by equipment based on RCMP Engefaz methodology;
  • Revision or creation of human development plan for professionals involved with planning;
  • Revision or creation of maintenance and inspection plans;
  • Revision or creation of industrial lubrication plans;
  • Revision or creation of maintenance plans indicators;
  • Revision or creation of flowchart for actions and documents used in the planning, inspection and performance process, as well as supplement and support areas;
  • Revision or creation of Matrix of Responsibilities for Maintenance Planning and inspection, performance, support areas committed to the process;
  • Revision or creation of technical procedures and safety to perform maintenance services;
  • Revision or creation of the list of critical points to be prioritized taking real or potential losses into consideration;
  • Revision or creation of the General Maintenance Planning Manual, standardizing the world class greater methods and technical references that guide all planning goals;
  • Revision or creation of major downtime manual;
  • Creation of flowcharts, Matrix of Responsibilities for Downtimes;
  • Planning and programming of maintenance and operational service of Local and General Downtime;
  • Elaboration of technical specifications for material acquisition and service hiring;
  • Management of all planning and perform of Local and General Downtime;
  • Revision or creation of all Management and Technical Reports, with explained efficiency and results related to Maintenance, Routine and Downtime Management.