The technique:

Among all techniques in predictive maintenance, Vibration Analysis is the one that covers the most amount of diagnostics for mechanical failures. Given that vibration is the earliest machinery health indicator, understanding its data is crucial for detecting early stages of any faults and thus keep the equipment’s dynamic health within the desired range.

In rotating machinery in general (there are exceptions), vibration is considered a problem. It creates and increases faults of many kinds, which became unwanted downtime, raising maintenance and production costs.

Analyzing vibration data means understanding its origins, identifying the source and providing accurate diagnostics with a definitive fix to the problem.

Vibration can be monitored either online or offline. Online demands a dedicated system for each equipment, collecting data periodically and automatically. Offline means having a professional using a portable data collector programmed to collect data from a route of equipment in the field. In both cases, an analyst will study each case and provide the diagnostic.

Engefaz has the privilege of owning a remote analysis system, which allows for any data acquired around the world to be uploaded and available for any computer with software and internet anywhere. That way our Analysis team can study data from every place in the world.

Typical Vibration Problems:

  • Misalignment;
  • Unbalance;
  • Resonance;
  • Bearings;
  • Gears;
  • Cavitation;
  • Oil Whirl;
  • Looseness.