Faulty lubrication is the root cause of a series of problems in rotating and linear machinery. High friction, wear increase, heating, parts dilation, noise, misalignment, cracks etc. It is extremely important to maintain well-structured lubrication practices.

Here are some the main functions of lubricants in general:

  • Friction control;
  • Wear control;
  • Temperature control;
  • Load absorber;
  • Cleaning off harming deposits;
  • Isolation;
  • etc.

Lubricants work not only by controlling friction, as we would understand. Lubs also have a mechanical function, absorbing impacts, absorbing temperature and cleaning harmful metallic deposits from the system. With that in mind, Engefaz has a whole portfolio of solutions regarding lubrication

Engefaz lubrication services:

  • World class lubrication practices;
  • Creation or revision of lubrication plans;
  • Lubrication engineering;
  • Lubrication performance, management and control;
  • Advanced systems for controlling and managing lubrication routes;
  • Handheld data collector for operations of lubrication, Engefaz’ iOM;
  • QGV system for in field visualization of indicators and status of lubrication in the route;
  • Downtime scheduling and planning.