Misaligned rotating machinery causes high cost to the industry as it causes premature damages to the machinery, loss in production and excessive energy is consumed. Misalignment is the most common cause of machinery malfunction. A poorly aligned machine could cost 20% to 30% of machine down time, replacement parts, inventory and energy costs. Large returns are usually seen by regularly aligning the machine. The total operation life is extended and process conditions are optimized for efficiency. Hence it becomes extremely important for the maintenance and engineering professionals to understand machine malfunctions caused by misalignment.

For any type coupled rotating machinery it is extremely important to maintain proper alignment, respecting standard tolerance. Not doing so will bring various early faults to the system, compromising its performance.

Every transmission coupling have ranges of misalignment tolerance, within which good performance is guaranteed. If misaligned, the coupling will increase vibration and generate extra loads on the bearings and possibly on the shaft. Many different types of failure can develop from that.

For the great majority of industrial purposes, rotating machinery vibration is undesired so it is important to maintain proper imbalance tolerances. Many different factors can count in for an increase in vibration due to imbalance, such as porosities, looseness, bumps, welding faults etc. Field balancing is an affordable and safe solution to correct high levels of vibration due to mass imbalance, considerably reducing unplanned downtime.

Faults that can be avoided with proper balancing

  • Bearings early wear;
  • Gears early wear; ;
  • Looseness of the whole machinery system
  • Fatigue in internal parts;
  • Excessive noise;
  • Performance faults.