Engefaz INC - USA Headquarter

6735 Conroy Rd Ste 307 Orlando, FL 32835-356

Engefaz Technology Center - Global Headquarter

Located at 719 Otto Herbst, Vila Kalil Aun, in Cosmópolis, São Paulo, Brazil, the new Engefaz Technology Center was created to perform the best customer support possible.

Estudo Engenharia

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Our new training facility is 19,375 square feet with classrooms that can accommodate up to 60 students, a hands-on learning lab with state-of-the art equipment and instrumentation, a reference library, a walk-in, open reception area, dining facilities with complimentary internet, restrooms, and an accessible free parking area. The facility is designed to maximize student’s learning experiences, and to enable participants to relax and interact with the other students and instructors and build valuable industry relationships.

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Learning Lab

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Parking Lot

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Main Reception

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Founded in April 18 of 1989, under the leadership of the associate engineer Jose Claudio Fabiano, Engefaz built its brand in the market as synonym of dynamic equipments monitoring reliability. Throughout its 25 years of activity, Engefaz has evolved its services and products offer, acquiring excellent market credibility for greater methods of Engineering, Maintenance and Integrated Operation applications. For that, the company has achieved expertise in consulting and providing services of Maintenance and Production Engineering. Nowadays, Engefaz has over 150 employees and it is specialized in Maintenance Engineering, Production Management and Human Development. It is one of the few companies around the world with a high value profile portfolio within a single company, which benefits the client as it offer a systemic vision of solving and preventing problems.

By the year of 2009, Engefaz expanded its Technology Center, located in São Paulo, Brazil and since then, has prioritized investments in Research and Development of products related to dynamic monitoration of rotative equipments, operation and maintenance inspection. Now, the brand possesses its own technology (instrument, accessories and software) for a range of products that allows general control of the plant’s equipments, such as the Remote Electronic Management.


Business: Affinity, to attend clients’ expectations and positively overcome the results agreed, in order to always establish a successful partnership with clients.

Vision: To comprehend a brand of unique value.

Mission: To assist the client on becoming world class reference in business management result.

Values: To value the human being as the agent of transition between knowledge and results. For that, Engefaz defines the Right Person as:

  • Persistent, for the learning is continuous;
  • Disciplined to do what has been agreed;
  • Committed with the clients results;
  • Attitude, shown for the example.

Engefaz is committed with the continuous improvement of its strategy:

  • Results -Generate and expose the gains to the clients,
  • Excellence -Assist the client on implanting the world class guidelines,
  • Innovation -To provide the client with unique solutions